The start of the pandemic highlighted the need for casual social engagement that seemed only accomplishable IRL. Our solution to this was to create a world within a knock-off Habbo Hotel site. What started as a small virtual co-working office space quickly expanded into a whole dorm and overworld built out by friends (and friends of friends) — today this world includes whimsies such as a Moon Temple and Dungeon Synth Dungeon, as well as a Chili's and replica of the NYU Game Center built by 2020's graduating MFA class, which Dr. Frank Lantz, among other game center professors, have graced their virtual presences with. Though now mostly abandoned, you can still gain a sense of this world, how it grew, and how it felt to play together in this odd, unassuming space, during a time when it was fatal to do so in the flesh.

To visit these worlds and more,
   + Create account.
   + Download desktop application.
   + Enter hotel, search rooms made by 0-0-0. "O V E R W O R L D" is a good starting point.
[Note: This is a knock-off Habbo Hotel, join at own discretion.]

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